Monday 28 September 2015

Today The Earth Smiles in Flowers

Today is a day to celebrate; a day to embrace the change that is bubbling up from deep within the heart of the earth and the depths of our hearts and souls; a day full of love and magic and connections; a day to hug your friends; a day to know that all WILL be well; a (blood red) moon day; a flower planting day; a day full of the most amazing and unexpected surprises; a GOOD NEWS day; a day to wake up and climb to the top of the highest mountain (or stand on a chair if you live somewhere flat) so you can ROAAAAAAR with joy for all that is sacred and precious to you; a day to be outside in the sunshine, or wind, or rain…... and a day to make Nature Mandalas.

Today, The Earth Smiles in Flowers x

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