Saturday, 31 January 2015

Loving Life

I love bees and I love trees. And I love seed heads.  I also love butterflies, catkins, pussy willow, woodlice, dragonflies and shield bugs; lemon verbena tea made with freshly picked leaves from the garden; hares; sunset and sunrise; sunshine; old man's beard; moonshine; watching solitary leaf cutter bees building their nests in my garden; starlight; living in Dorset with Rob; starling murmurations; wintersweet; grasses and beetles. I love uploading my macro photographs when I come back from a walk and then pouring over my reference books to identify new (to me) species and I love the tawny owls when they t'wit & t'woo outside our bedroom window at night. 

I love the weather and the fact that it is so wonderfully unpredictable and changeable in the UK. I can't wait for it to snow again so I can make snow angels. I love fairy lights; my friends and my family; wild flowers (especially the ones that grow between paving slabs because they show how resilient nature is); birds, bats, mice and toads; making nature mandalas; reference books illustrated with beautiful photographs and drawings; native hedgerows; Imbolc (Brigid/Brigit's Day) - and the fact that my mother named me 'Brigit' when I was born. I love Glennie Kindred's beautiful book 'Letting in the Wild Edges' (if you haven't already got it, put it on your wish list now!). And the Moomins…..oh how i love the Moomins; especially Snufkin and Moominmamma and the Hattifatteners. And the Hemulen. You can't not love the Hemulin.

I also love mosses and lichens; acoustic music; speaking with like minded people about the unbelievably amazing and beautiful world of wild bees; seaweed and sand; Hairy Footed Flower Bees (yes, such creatures exist!) walking barefoot on the beach; rainbows, corkscrew hazel and unicorns. I love raging rivers plunging and crashing over rocks and boulders, streams so small that they are almost hidden by the undergrowth... and puddles. And jumping in puddles; and the fact that this year, if I'm really lucky, I am going to see my first ever Great Yellow Bumblebee when we visit the Machair in the Western Isles of Scotland. I love juicing apples and the fact that the juice changes colour when it meets the air.  I love Dorset, Cornwall, Norfolk, Northumberland and all the other breathtakingly beautiful places that I have lived in or connected with; I especially love The Malvern Hills. I love coastal paths; being a mother and a grandmother; old man's beard; Martha Tilston; candlelight; moths, caterpillars and spider's webs; hazel nuts and fungi; the beautiful hand crafted things that people have gifted me; ginger flavoured dark chocolate and adding chopped lemon to pretty much everything I cook. I love Puffins; the amazing noises that Eider ducks make and the shape of Curlews' beaks. And feathers and crystals and everything that sparkles.

I love long-tailed tits and wrens; discovering bumblebee nests in the compost heap; the aliveness of water; the silence of stillness and clouds that look like dragons for a moment or two before they shift shape into hippopotami; knowing that you are never too old to fall in love; loving and being loved back. I love grass snakes and I love reading 'Meadowland' - a book so delightful I can't bear for it to end. I love Meadow Pippits, even though I have yet to meet one; sitting by the wood burner with a bowl of porridge on a cold winter morning; winter squashes; summer squashes; sowing seeds, saving seeds and swapping seeds; dandelion clocks; carving wooden spoons; greater stitchwort; nice surprises; meeting friends in cafes for a cup of tea; yoga; collecting sea glass and driftwood from the beach; bees (did I already mention that?); swimming in the sea; curly kale; sutherland kale; russian kale; black kale…….and SO much more!

It feels good to make lists of the things you love and appreciate every now and then, especially during these challenging times when it is all too easy to feel overwhelmed by all the doom and gloom. It reminds you how wonderful it is (and how lucky we are) to be alive. This, in turn, fills you with the positive energy and inspiration to DO something to preserve all that is sacred to you.  

Wishing everyone who has read this post a beautiful day, evening, week and life…. and hoping you all enjoy making your own lists of things you love as much as I enjoy making mine! x


  1. Hello Brigit,
    Just woken here to read this beautiful post. It's drizzling this morning. The first bit of rain in a couple of weeks. The sky is grey and the clouds heavy. It's cool, which makes a change to our Summer heat.
    Life is truly wonderful. You've identified all that's important and unique about it. Your family, friends, birds and bees, great counties and sea swims. The thing is it's all affordable, most of this list is price tag free. How good it that!!! Off for a walk now.....smiling.
    Happy weekend to you xx Anita

  2. Hey Brigit,
    thank you kindly for this lovely post. This is how I found it: I am currently reading "A Sting in the Tale" by Dave Goulson, because I am looking forward to the bumblebee queens in spring and I was looking for a book to pick up in that anticipation. I sent a tweet about bumblebees and got a favorite from bumblebee_watching and on her twitter profile, I found your post.
    It's good to know there's people who can see the beauty in nature and realize we are not the only ones on Mother Earth. Reading through your post, I couldn't help but think about the pressure we are putting on biodiversity. You are right, though: thinking about what we love in nature might actually help to not get bogged down in only the harsh parts of reality and to keep our minds fixed on what it is we have to preserve.
    Thanks again for your post.

  3. A lovely post, thankyou for such wonderful inspiration.
    Jess x

  4. Such a beautiful post, I am going to start my list of things I love right now!
    Thank you for your inspiration

  5. Dear Brigit
    I've just read your 'I love..' and it made me cry.
    I'm so very much on the same page when it comes to nature,environmental issues wildlife etc...
    My husband and I live in the Peak District in Derbyshire.We live on the edge of a wood in the heart of the countryside.Incredibly privileged, we appreciate this wonderful life we lead here with nature all around us everyday.The seasons come and go,the changes around us never go unseen.My T.V. is my kitchen window looking out into nature.I crane my neck everyday at some wonderful natural event taking place as I stand at the kitchen sink.
    We are wildlife rehabilitators locally and also volunteer for 'Raptor Rescue',also having our own birds of prey.
    We have the perfect environment to release wildlife right on our doorstep.I could write a book on the many triumphs and tragedies we have had over the years.
    So I wanted to say 'thank you' for being the kind of person who 'sees'.So many people go by daily not stopping to look around and listen and 'see' as you and I do.
    I have a massive appreciation for people like you Brigit.
    Best wishes to you and your family

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comments. I am very envious of you living in the Peak District. It is an area I have wanted to visit for many years now and is fast approaching the top of my list!
      Thank you, too, for doing what you do.

      Much love xxx